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do you wanna' buy an iPod filled with crap by a McBand you don't care about???? Or do you wanna' be real cool, real with it, real fucking hep????
  U Suck    The Eyeball of Hell
The Eyeball of Hell The Eyeball of Hell
(PS: Fuck Boner!) (PS: download your free "cyclotron" MP3 to make your "music video" experience complete (click)) ! !
Or perhaps you want to be a scum bag like my old bandmate Brian "ScumBag" McMahon???
'Yeah! I'm a total fucking scumbag!
"My name is Brain McMahon. I am a liar and a scum bag!"
Brian is talking above about how he wrote songs he didn't write. He is talking about how he was a 'founding' member, when he was at best, an 'original' member of my band. (The term 'founding' having something to do with actually 'starting' something.) He is talking about how he has complete justification for doing all the scum bag things he has done recently, like trademark the name 'electric eels'. He is talking about how that after I sent him the link to this site in it's 'student project' form as I was learning to be a webmaster he bought the domain name '' on the same day I went to buy it (my birthday, it was supposed to be a present to myself). He said it was just coincidence. Well, we (me and Paul) finally settled on an LCC with Brian to handle the trademark. The first order of business was to proclaim Brian "official scumbag" of the eels. It passed 2 votes to 1. I guess Brian will finally have to get a life. Gerald McMahon

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Hey! Where the fuck is that bitch Mothra?
This . . . was fucked up.


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